What is the Honda I-MID?

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Honda I-MID Screen

Honda aims to enhance the quality and comfort of its vehicles year after year by introducing new technical breakthroughs. The Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) is one of the most recent technological elements to be incorporated into some of Honda’s newer models.

The i-MID is intended to improve your driving experience and assist you in driving smarter, but it may take some getting used to.

The i-MID improves your driving experience, but what exactly does it accomplish and how does it function?

What exactly is the Honda i-MID? Honda’s i-MID, or Intelligent Multi-Information Display, is a five-inch LCD display. It may be found just above the steering wheel. It improves your driving experience by gathering and displaying data from the instrument panel on the screen.

The I-MID includes several features that enable drivers to quickly access functions and information. In this essay, I will go through these features and explain what they accomplish.

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Features of Honda I-MID & How it Works

The Intelligent Multi-Information Display (iMID) is one of the latest features brought to Honda vehicles. It improves the driving experience by automating information access. It’s a breakthrough that makes it easier for drivers to control numerous vehicle features.

The i-MID connects directly to the car’s ECU and sends data to the dashboard’s LCD. When the ignition switch is turned on, a variety of information and notifications are shown.

Some of the information provided is about driving and can help you drive more comfortably. It also displays information that keeps you informed of your vehicle’s routine maintenance so that it can continue to function properly.

The i-MID has features that allow you to use your smartphone, alleviating your concerns about texting and driving. You may also listen to music or listen to audio files and receive text messages.

Drivers may now use the i-MID to check behind them when reversing thanks to rearview cameras in select Honda vehicles.

Your Honda’s i-MID may display information that differs from that of others. Depending on the model, its content may vary. Consult your owner’s handbook for further information about your vehicle.

I-MID features and functions

The characteristics and functionality of the i-MID vary based on the automobile model. However, the following are some of its fundamental qualities and functions.

Driving instructions

This is one of the ways the Honda I-MID improves your driving experience. It shows information on certain elements of your Honda. The panel displays the oil life and fuel economy of your engine. Drivers can also use the trip meter. The trip meter displays the distance traveled, the odometer, and also compares route distances in this mode.

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The i-MID is equipped with Bluetooth integration technology. It links your phone to your automobile, allowing you to make safer, hands-free phone conversations. Not only is phoning safer, but its built-in text messaging capability reduces the urge to text.

Bluetooth audio also allows you to stream music directly from compatible phones. There are a variety of audio options available, including radio, CDs, and other connectable sources.

The IMID displays the song title, artist, album title, and album jacket cover while in audio mode. You may also alter the volume level from the steering wheel in the vehicle menu.

Pandora Interconnection

The i-MID is meant to work with Pandora. As a consequence, you may tune the radio while driving using the steering wheel controls. Radio stations may be tailored to individual channels as well.

You may also like or hate songs by using the thumbs-up/down buttons on the display. It will also remember the songs you liked and hated in the car, regardless of whether you listen at home, on your phone, or while driving.


You may customize your i-MID backdrop display with a photo of your choice, much like your computer’s wallpaper. You can upload up to three photos using the USB connector.

In the display settings, drivers can customize the i-MID screen displays to show the time or the wallpaper. Drivers can choose between four theme colors: blue, red, amber, and gray.


Some Honda vehicles include a camera mounted on the trunk lid. Owners of such vehicles may utilize the i-MID to examine the rear of their vehicle when in reverse.

When you shift into reverse, the i-MID displays the back of your car to assist you in seeing if there are any impediments in your path.

System of navigation

Some Hondas, such as the 2012 Honda CR-V, include a navigation system available via the i-MID. The satellite-linked navigation system takes you from A to B. Once you enter the address, it will direct you to your destination.

The i-MID screen also alerts you when it is time to make your next turn. It includes voice control pre-programmed that lets you navigate without using your hands, making every drive enjoyable and effortless.

Other things you can do with the iPad

Other features that drivers may perform using the i-MID include keyless entry recognition, lighting configuration, and door configuration.

You can enable or disable keyless entry acknowledgment using the IMID. Drivers may also choose whether the vehicle’s lights flicker when locked or unlocked.

In the lighting settings, drivers may easily specify the timing for the passenger cabin’s lights and headlights to turn off automatically.

You may configure the automobile doors to lock automatically. When doors are not correctly closed, the i-MID delivers a warning or signal, as well as which doors are not properly closed.

The auto-lock system can be customized by drivers. It may be set to lock when the car reaches 15 km/h, when you shift into park, or when you switch off the motor.

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What To Do If Honda Civic IMID Not Working

When You state the iMID screen on the 2013 Honda Civic isn’t working, my first thought is to inquire whether You’ve recently jumped Your car. The iMID features a safety function that allows it to go into “protect mode” if You’ve lately jumped it. In this instance, it should just come back on its own after a few restarts. If You’re searching the internet for this, I’m thinking You’ve already done that. So you have three possible outcomes here.

The first possibility is that a fuse has blown: to check, open the under-the-hood fuse box. Also, A29, double-check the 10a fuse. If that’s blown, then that’s part of Your issue. Next, you’ll want to check to see whether it’s a saved program setting. To find out, perform a battery cable reset (asked about in another topic here, so refer to that if necessary) and see if it clears things up. If neither of those two options works, it’s conceivable that the information display has failed. In such a case.

Final Thoughts

At last, I would like to conclude that if you own a Honda i-MID, this could be a good time to learn how to use it. It might change the way you drive or at the very least make things simpler for you!


What is the Honda multi-information display?

Honda Jazz Owner’s Manual and other details | Honda Car India
The fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, outdoor temperature*, and other instruments are displayed on the multi-information display. It also shows crucial messages like cautions and other useful information.

Which is better accord or Civic?

The Honda Accord is often equipped with more modern amenities and technology than the Honda Civic. complex safety features, bigger infotainment screens, and more complex audio systems are examples of this. Fuel economy: The Honda Civic gets greater gas mileage than the Honda Accord.

How do I navigate through my Honda’s i-MID?

Drivers can interact with the i-MID by using the control switch on the left side of the steering wheel. The information button is at the top of the control switch, the source button is in the middle, and the menu button is at the bottom.

What are the different types of Civic?

Sedan, coupe, Hybrid, and Si versions are available. High-performance It is a sedan.

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