How To Unlock Honda Civic Without Key

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Because contemporary cars are harder to steal than they used to be, losing your keys and being locked out of your automobile is a far greater issue than it used to be. If, on the other hand, you find yourself locked out of your Honda Civic, there are a few methods to open the door without harming the vehicle!

Read the following advice before you even contemplate trying to shatter a window or making clumsy efforts with a shoelace, credit card, hanger, or Slim Jim. Some of these solutions have the drawback of being ineffective and damaging your door if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

Fortunately, there are a few techniques you may try to figure out how to unlock a Honda Civic door without a key.

how to unlock Honda Civic without key

1) Unlock a Honda Civic door with a plastic strip

For Civic models with button unlocking systems that are more recent, you may attempt this way to open the doors. if the ignition is on and your automobile keys are left inside. If all of the control buttons are on the driver’s seat side of your automobile, using a plastic strip could be useful.

You may test it by sliding the strip from the corner and pressing any button once it passes through. Simply press any button to unlock a door.

2) Unlock a Honda Civic door using string or shoelace

Using a shoelace or other similar tie, you may unlock an automobile door. Next, slip the thread through the automobile door. Try moving the lace back and forth down the corner of your vehicle door until it touches the doorknob.

This will make a loop in both the shoelace and the knob, then pull the doorknob up and tighten the knot with a flick. With any luck, it could unlock your automobile right away.

3) How to unlock a Honda Civic with a hangar / aka Slim Jim

A Slim Jim is an alternative unlocking method for your Honda Civic that is based on the wire coat hanger technique you’ve probably seen on television. It works with vehicles that have door lock systems. The main idea is to pry the door handle off the door by using the wire coat hanger.

Usually, you twist the coat hanger until it breaks to do this. To pull the lock, twist it such that one side is straight and the other has a hook at the end. Now, insert the hanger through the door’s weatherstrip until only two inches are separating the vehicle door and the window.

The control arm is located there, however the procedure may differ depending on the type of automobile.

The tough phase is finally here. Rotate the Slim Jim hanger such that its hook faces the control arm as you reach down. Even though it could be challenging, if you’re fortunate, you can locate it and latch onto it right away. Then, just pull the hanger to open your automobile.

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Detailed Video on Steps to unlock Honda Civic without key

The untruth of using a tennis ball to open a vehicle door

One piece of advice that kept coming up on different websites while looking up how to open a Honda Civic door without a key was the tennis ball approach. Unfortunately, this is a whole myth and not factual.

The intended method of operation is to drill a tiny hole in the tennis ball, cover the hole with the Civic’s door lock, and then forcefully press the tennis ball to create a vacuum and suck back.

This has been disproved as being ineffective. If that were the case, Honda Civics would be pilfered each time they parked. Here are the theft statistics for your car, if that’s of interest.

Opening the Honda Civic’s electronic door (Hatchback models)

This is a laborious and tedious way to open the door from the outside. Note that utilizing this approach on windows and doors with auto-lock will mess with the whole electrical system of the automobile, which will only make you feel more stressed.

Take these actions:

  • Create a long, metal pole that has one end twisted to resemble a hook.
  • Attempt to fit this equipment through the door’s bottom.
  • Additionally, take care to avoid damaging any wiring in the process.
  • Now, use force to peel the rubber off the edge to access the locking mechanism.
  • Try sliding the tool in the direction indicated by the hatch, since it is usually placed precisely below it.
  • Pull back the rod, and the door will open as soon as the tool is intact with the desired key.
  • Give it another try if the back of your automobile opens as it sometimes does.

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There is no assurance that the aforementioned techniques to unlock honda civic without key will be effective.
In such cases, your best bet is to give a local Honda dealer or locksmith a call.

How do I unlock my Honda Civic steering wheel without the key?

The same procedures that unlock any other steering wheel may be used to unlock a Honda steering wheel:
Rotate the steering wheel in any direction.
Get the vehicle going.
To release the steering wheel if the previous two techniques don’t work, use a screwdriver.
Contact a locksmith if you are unable to unlock the steering wheel on your own.

How do you unlock a Honda Civic trunk without a key?

Civic Honda How to Unlock Truck Using Dead Battery to Open Trunk…
Because the unlocking mechanism of the trunk release function depends on electrical power, a dead battery may prevent the release from occurring. In this case, it will be required to use other techniques to open the trunk, including using the emergency trunk release cord inside the car.

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