Steps To Protect Honda Civic From Theft

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protect honda civic from theft stolen

This never-ending game of cat and mouse is the reason why criminals always manage to outwit security measures installed in automobiles. Even with today’s sophisticated security systems.

It is not entirely reliable for the factory-installed security system to prevent theft, even with Honda Civics’ contemporary anti-theft systems.

Presented here are some tips for securing your Honda Civic. Also, preventing it from being stolen, considering that the Honda Civic is regrettably the most stolen vehicle in the nation.

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11 Steps To Protect Honda Civic From Theft

These suggestions outline how to deter theft of your Honda Civic using a combination of proactive steps and devices that dissuade would-be thieves.

1. Secure the wheels of your Civic using locking nuts

Securing a wheel clamp or boot to the car’s wheel is perhaps the best, if not the only, method to protect a Honda Civic from theft. You may leave it there without worrying about it being stolen, as wheel clamps or boots deter thieves effectively. Though it may seem drastic, this method ensures the safety of your vehicle and provides peace of mind, making it a worthwhile precautionary measure against potential theft.

A clamp that serves more as a deterrent is available for a low price on Amazon, like this one.
Another option is to use a clamping boot (which you can get on Amazon), which hides the wheel bolts and makes it impossible for criminals to take your Civic.

Compared to the basic clip seen above, it is much more sturdy and solid, providing you with more protection against determined criminals stealing your Civic.
A burglar would never even try to saw off a boot because of the time and effort required, not to mention the attention it would draw!
I also advise you to use locking wheel nuts to keep the alloy wheels on your Civic from being stolen.

2. Pay close attention to where you park your Civic

To lessen the likelihood of your Honda Civic being stolen, ensure to park it in a visible and well-lit area, and verify before parking that the parking lot has CCTV and is staffed. If there isn’t much traffic in the parking lot, park near to other vehicles to create a busier area.
You may also look up the area’s crime rate if you often park there. Does that region have a high rate of auto theft? Is it a busy area or a quiet one? Is there a multi-story pay and park structure nearby where your automobile is likely to be safer?
Use smart parking techniques to keep your Honda Civic safe from theft.
In the end, criminals are opportunistic and will target your Civic more if they believe it will go unnoticed. Using safer parking techniques can lower the likelihood of having your vehicle stolen.

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3. Inspect the doors and don’t rely on your Honda key fob

Keyless entry and locking are made possible using the key fob that comes with newer Civics. But in reality, this puts owners in more danger since it may be simpler to forget to lock your car when you leave it parked.

Not every Civic will beep at you if you leave without locking it. However, some may. Another possibility is that your key fob’s battery has run out, in which case pressing the button won’t cause the lock to open.

Verify with a pull of the handle that the doors on your Honda Civic are secured to prevent theft.

Auto thieves use key fob jammers as one tactic to steal Honda Civics. This allows them to intercept the signal sent between your key fob and the car’s lock, so even though you may believe that you have locked it with the fob, it may not have been successful.

Check your Civic’s lock twice and be alert for anything strange while parking. These key fob signal jammers may be concealed in trees, next to curbs, or even in a thief’s pocket.

4. Install a GPS device on your Civic

This feature will notify you when your Honda Civic begins moving so you and the police can locate it, but it won’t stop it from being stolen.
A GPS tracking gadget that shows your smartphone the car’s current position is available for purchase on Amazon.

Simply disconnecting the device’s power source enables sly criminals to easily target the majority of GPS gadgets, which are powered by either the car’s battery or ignition.

5. Make use of a kill switch

To Protect Honda Civic From Theft in the first place is the best defense against theft.
A kill switch provides control over the ignition by connecting directly to the fuel pump and ECU. You may have seen one on a contemporary motorbike that won’t start until the kill switch is activated, even with the key turned.
The greatest aspect is that you can hide your Honda Civic by installing a kill switch inside. In this manner, only you can start the automobile.
A thief will not be able to start the automobile without the ECU and fuel pump turning on. Finding the kill switch’s placement will grant you additional time, which is a scary notion for a burglar to contemplate.

6. Avoid putting any valuables on show

If opportunistic criminals notice anything in your Honda Civic that they believe they can easily get to, they will target it.
Some burglars may find even a small amount of spare coin to be tempting enough to break through a window and take what they want.

Additionally, they have the chance to go off in the automobile once they get inside.
Take your stuff with you and don’t leave anything visible to attract burglars, and your Honda Civic will stay secure.
Similarly, if a GPS or stereo is not firmly mounted on the dash, you should always remove it as thieves are often drawn to portable ones.

7. Install an immobilizer and automobile alarm

Although not all modern Honda Civics have a good alarm system, they all have an immobilizer installed at the factory as standard.

Installing an alarm system authorized by Thatcham on your Civic might reduce the likelihood of it being stolen. You may be able to get lower auto insurance!

Once inside the Civic, auto thieves are skilled at turning off various car alarms. If they cut the connection that activates the alarm, they would be in for a surprise, however.

Giving the alarm a secondary battery connection will allow you to offer this further degree of protection.

Anywhere in the vehicle where a burglar wouldn’t bother searching is a good place to hide the batteries. If the thief can’t locate the source of the loudly blaring burglar alarm, this tactic may make them panic and force them to give up on their stealing attempt.

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Even after I’ve given you the greatest advice on how to prevent theft of your Honda Civic, you may still have some concerns.

9. Avoid being a victim of a “relay attack”

When two auto thieves operate together, it’s called a relay assault. One of the thieves will wait outside your Honda Civic, while the other will use a gadget that can wirelessly link to the key fob to shut the victim’s residence.

In order for Thief One to unlock the door and go off with the vehicle. Thief Two’s gadget will transmit the signal from the key fob to the Civic.

Relay attack technology may be purchased online by thieves for as low as $100.

So, in this day of technology, how can you prevent theft of your Honda Civic?

You probably underestimate how simple it is. Put your keys in a metal box to protect your Honda Civic after you’ve entered your house since signals cannot travel through metal.

 10. Be cautious while driving slowly.

Additionally, there’s a slim chance that your Honda Civic might be taken while you’re inside. Always lock your vehicle as you slow down into traffic congestion to lessen the chance that someone would steal your Civic during a carjacking.

11. Don’t ever leave your automobile running

It’s tempting to keep your Civic running on chilly winter mornings so the engine warms up before venturing out into the ice and snow.

However, leaving your vehicle running invites a passing criminal to take advantage of you and your valuables.


According to 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau data, Hondas accounted for the first two of the ten most often stolen vehicles in the US! The Civic came in second place on the list of most stolen cars, with the Honda Accord coming in first.

It’s crucial to understand that even while burglars can circumvent almost all security measures, you may still take steps to Protect Honda Civic From Theft so that it becomes a less appealing target.


Can someone steal a 2020 Honda Civic?

Yes, even the 2020 model is prone to theft despite being one of the more recent Honda Civics with enhanced protection. Auto thieves are always modifying their illegal techniques to enable them to break into vehicles.

Is it simple to steal a Honda Civic?

Not exactly, no, but given that Civics are among the most well-liked vehicles in the nation, the high theft rates seem a little off.

The Honda Civic, like many other automobiles, offers the same level of safety and security. However, it stands out as one of the most frequently stolen automobiles for another reason.

Why is the Honda Civic among the most often stolen vehicles?

Thieves tend to target cars that are popular and have a large market share. One such vehicle that sold in large quantities is the Honda Civic.
The Civic and other Honda vehicles also share a large number of components. As a result, many Civics are stolen for their components alone.

What more can I do to deter someone from stealing my Honda Civic?

Nearly every topic I’ve discussed will help keep your Civic safe. Aside from that, the most helpful thing is to be attentive and vigilant.
Take caution while parking your Civic. You have to spend a little bit more to park it safely, but you have to.

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