Power Steering Assist Fault on Ford Fusion – Causes & Solution

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Power Steering Assist Fault

Power steering assist fault is one of the most typical issues with the Ford Fusion, as well as other Ford models.

The Ford Fusion is a comfortable and cheap everyday driver. This has resulted in millions of users having access to it throughout the years. Despite its popularity, it is not without flaws. The power steering system is one of the most noticeable problems.

The issue is so widespread that Ford issued a recall on several vehicles. Let’s get started. In this post, I’ll discuss the probable reasons and solutions for the “Power Steering Assist Fault” on your Fusion.

What Does Power Steering Assist Fault Mean On A Ford?

The power steering assist issue on a Ford is a notice that appears when your vehicle’s power steering system fails. When this happens, the steering will seem heavier since the power steering system is not assisting.

Now that we’ve discussed what this problem actually signifies, let’s have a look at the major reasons for the power steering assist issue on a Ford.

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What Happens If The Power Steering Assist Fails?

Because a power steering aid is a device that adds torque to the steering rack when you spin the wheel, it makes steering simpler, especially at low speeds.

It is because of this that current automobile steering seems so light, and you can easily spin it with a single hand – or even a finger.

When the system fails, you are left with only the physical connection to the steering rack. Without the added boost, you must rely on your arm power to move the wheels.

Turning the wheel is difficult due to the vehicle’s weight and friction between the wheels and the surface. When turning at low speed, you’ll need both hands and considerable grunting.

The following are the top things you will not be able to do if your power-assisted steering fails:

  • Turning the wheel will be more difficult when parking.
  • When driving at a decent pace, the steering wheel will feel more weighted and less floaty.
  • A groaning or cracking sound whenever you crank the steering wheel

What Causes A Ford Fusion Steering Assist Fault?

Before delving into Ford Fusion issues, we’ll look at typical power steering system issues that also affect the Ford. This will differ based on whether your Ford Fusion has hydraulic or electronic power steering.

Electrical Problems

Some electronics regulate the entire functioning of both electric and hydraulic power steering systems.

Any problem with the wiring, actuators, sensors, or even blown fuses might cause the power assist to stop working.

  • An electric power steering motor that has failed will not turn. As a result, no assistive torque will be injected into the system.
  • An electrical pump may fail in some hydraulic systems, resulting in inadequate pressure in the power steering assist fluid.

Fortunately, electrical failures always result in an error code. They will always generate a power steering assist problem notice and an OBDII error code.

You’re Running Out Of Fluids.

Hydraulic power steering systems and hybrid systems both require fluid to function. Low fluid levels leave the system with less medium to transmit, making the wheel revolve somewhat or considerably harder.

Fortunately, monitoring your power steering fluid levels is simple because it is located in a designated transparent reservoir beneath the hood. It should be noted that certain hybrid cars exchange hydraulic fluid between the braking and power steering systems.

If the levels decrease drastically, there’s probably a leak somewhere. Inspect the underside of your vehicle and the area where you park for leaks.

Power steering fluid levels should not normally drop much overnight.

A Belt That Has Snapped Or Slipped

If your Ford Fusion has a mechanical pump that is powered by a belt from an engine pulley, it will lose all power if that belt is lost.

Examine your engine compartment for any belts that appear to have slipped or are missing. Look for sliding belts as well. A sliding belt will often generate a screaming or squealing noise when it slips over the pulleys.

Failures of the Ford Power Steering System

The Ford Fusion’s power steering system has experienced several odd malfunctions throughout the years. These are design flaws, and most have resulted in the manufacturer issuing a recall to correct the condition and remain compliant.

Steering Motor Sensor Fault

Ford Fusions from the 2012 model year had a possibly defective steering motor sensor that might provide incorrect data to the controller, resulting in the power steering aid being turned off entirely.

By polling the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) for diagnostic fault codes, the issue might be identified. If there are any issues, the complete steering gear and sensor will be replaced, and the software will be updated. If your sensor was not defective and there were no error signals, you will still receive a software update.

Fault with Rusted Power Steering Assist

The power assist motor in Ford Fusions from 2013 to 2016 was fastened to its housing using fasteners that did not have an appropriate corrosion protective coating.

The bolts rust and loosen with time, leaving the motor loose or disconnected from the housing. The issue was most prevalent in icy areas with road salt treatment or in seaside resorts.

The recall affected cars manufactured in the Salk Lake, Oakville, and Hermosillo assembly facilities in the United States.

Failure of General Electronic Power Assisted Steering

Aside from the sensor failure, the EPAS (electric power-assisted steering) technology in the third-generation units is known to have many flaws.

Despite the fact that Ford has not issued a recall for these, consumer surveys reveal several concerns about various aspects of the system.

The device is built with a decent failure method, making it difficult to lose control when driving at high speeds. It mostly fails when traveling less than 20 miles per hour.

How to Repair the Power Steering Fault Code

The repairs will always differ based on the model of your Ford Fusion and the sort of power steering system it has. Here are some troubleshooting and repair procedures you may take to resolve the issue.

  • Examine the fuse box to ensure that none of the power steering fuses are missing or blown. Replace any blown fuses and keep an eye on the system. If it blows a fuse again, you should have the electrical system checked.
  • Determine whether your Ford Fusion is subject to a recall. If so, confirm if it was taken for repair. If it wasn’t, the recall issues would have been resolved by now. Please take it to a dealership or a reputable technician for service.
  • If your steering assist is hydraulic, make sure you have adequate power steering fluid and that the power steering pump is connected to the crankshaft by a functional belt.
  • examine or have someone examine the various control modules and ECUs for power steering-specific fault codes that indicate what needs to be fixed.

If you’re lucky, the warning light will indicate a low fluid level or a blown fuse. Otherwise, comprehensive troubleshooting will be required to pinpoint and resolve the issue once and for all.

Can You Drive Your Fusion With a Power Steering Assist Fault?

As a Mechanic, I would not advocate driving with a malfunctioning power steering assist since the steering gets tighter and the car pulls to one side.

You’ll have to put forth a lot more effort to spin your wheels, which might lead to some unpleasant scenarios.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Fusion’s power steering assist system, you should take it to a Ford dealership as soon as possible.

What exactly Should You Do If the Power Steering Assist Fault Warning Lights Up?

The first thing I would suggest is to see if your model is included in the recall and, if so, to get it fixed.

You may check if your model is affected by the recall by entering your VIN number.

If your Fusion isn’t included in the recall, you should take it to your nearest Ford dealership and have them check into the problem.

The power steering assist system is an important component of your Ford Fusion, so have it checked out as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

The power steering assist makes it easier to turn your automobile. However, if you are having problems with it, you should get it examined. There are various possible causes for a defective steering system.

Correctly diagnosing the problem will allow you to propose the best remedy. This avoids future system damage, which might lead to more expensive repairs.

I hope after reading this article you can easy identify and solve the Power Steering Assist Fault on your Ford


How do you reset the power steering service?

Because electrical power steering systems do not utilize fluid, a top-off is not required when the warning light illuminates. Most of the time, a simple technical malfunction in the computer system is to blame, thus a simple reboot is in order. All you have to do is switch off your engine and restart it to reset the light.

What will happen if the power-assisted steering system fails?

Explanation: Faulty power steering will make turning your steering wheel difficult or impossible. Continued driving might endanger you and other road users. You should park safely and seek assistance.

How much does it cost to fix a power steering assist?

Power steering pumps are critical to the operation of power steering vehicles. The job may be expensive: between $100 and $200 for a new power steering pump if done yourself, and approximately $500 if done by a professional. However, it is far less expensive than replacing your vehicle.

What causes steering assist?

Why does steering assist activate? The notice “Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care” normally shows when the battery voltage is low and the steering assist control module has a fault code recorded. It might potentially be caused by a faulty thermostat or power steering control box.

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