Mercedes B3 Service Expert – What’s Included and Cost Explained

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Mercedes-Benz cars need regular repair to keep them running well and safely on all kinds of roads. But many Mercedes-Benz owners find it hard to understand what the B3 service sign on their dashboards means.

To improve or boost the engine’s performance, the Mercedes B3 service includes changing the oil and filters. It is done simultaneously when the brakes and axles are checked.

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Most of the time, the Mercedes flexible service system will let the owner know when the service is due. If your car exceeds the B3 service miles limit, the engine will shut down completely because the oil can’t take the heat away anymore. It will cost a lot to replace the engine or buy a new car.

I was a victim of the Mercedes B3 service about two years ago, so I wrote this piece to share what I learned. This article explains what the Mercedes-Benz B3 service means, how it works, and how much it costs.

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What Is Mercedes B3 Service?

Mercedes B3 service is the third B routine repair work that takes care of the engine oil and filters. Every 20,000 miles or one year after the last service, the oil and filters on a Mercedes-Benz need to be changed.

The repair service also helps keep people safe on the road because it checks the levels of other fluids and looks at the brakes and suspension.

If you fix the problems with these parts, your car will run better and last longer. Most of these B3 works are simple enough that the car owner can do them on their own. But if you don’t know very much about cars,

I would suggest that you ask for help from a professional mechanic nearby. Different Mercedes-Benz cars have different parts and features.

Inspections of the brakes and suspension can be hard for new buyers. To keep from making things worse, it would be best to hire a skilled mechanic.

What Does Mercedes B3 Service Include?

Most Mercedes-Benz shops will tell you to get a B3 service when your car has 20,000 miles or a year has passed since the last maintenance.

These repairs improve how well the Mercedes works and make it last longer. Here is a list of Mercedes B3 services:

Spark Plug Service

A road trip in your Mercedes-Benz can be fun because it is comfortable and can handle different types of terrain. But moving slowly and letting the engine run for a long time will wear out the spark plugs.

You should change the spark plugs if the engine has a rough idle, misfires, or surges. Also, change the dirty air filters and fuel injectors to keep the spark plugs from going out in the long run.

Air Filter Replacement

When going on dusty roads, dust can build up in the air filters of Mercedes-Benz cars. When dust gets stuck in air filters, it makes the engine oil dirty and slows it down.

Mercedes B3 service is a great choice because the mechanics will check all the air filters and change them if needed. With new filters, dust will be caught, and the engine will run at its best.

Brake Component Inspection

Brakes are one of the most important parts of a car that helps keep people safe on the road. When brake fluid leaks, it makes it harder for the pedal to send power to the wheels.

Disc wear will also cause the brakes to fail, making it harder to stop the car. This won’t happen as often if you do regular upkeep.

Checking the brakes on a Mercedes B3 service includes looking at the brake pedal, fluid, brake lines, shoes, and pads. The process helps find problems and damage before they cause big problems.

Synthetic motor Oil Replacement

For the best engine efficiency, all Mercedes-Benz models need to have their synthetic oil changed every 10,000 miles or once a year.

The new oil will make sure that the engine heats up evenly and doesn’t surge or boil. As part of the Mercedes-Benz B3 repair, the engine oil is changed.

You should buy synthetic oil from a Mercedes supplier you can trust. Regular oil can’t handle extreme weather, which could affect how well the engine works.

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All Other Fluids Check and Correction

Many parts in all Mercedes-Benz cars need fluids to work. Most of the time, these fluids leak out and stop these parts from working.

Mercedes B3 repair is very important because it checks all fluids and makes any necessary changes. All the checks and changes for fluid levels depend on how often, when, and what kind of car you have.

I suggest reading your car’s manual to find out which fluids need to be checked and changed often.

Benefits Of Mercedes Service B3 Maintenance

Improves Acceleration And Driving Experience

Service B3 directly improves the performance of your car by doing things like replacing the spark plugs and the air filter. With new spark plugs and clean air filters, your car’s engine will run better, which will make your car go faster and give you a better driving experience altogether.

Reduces Fuel Consumption

A well-maintained engine, which can be done by things like replacing the synthetic oil and checking the fluids, can use less gas. Clean oil cuts down on friction and makes the engine run more easily. This helps the car use less gas and save money in the long run.

Preserves Its Sale Value Over Time

Service B3 includes thorough checks and repairs that can help find problems before they become big ones. This kind of preventive repair can make your car last longer and keep its resale value over time.

Improved Safety

Inspection of brake parts, which is a key part of Service B3, makes your car much safer. By finding possible problems in the brake system early, you can make sure that your car’s ability to stop isn’t affected, which makes trips safer.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Service B3 can help you keep your car in good shape so you don’t have to pay for expensive fixes in the future. By taking care of small problems during service, you keep them from getting worse and costing more to fix.

Mercedes B3 Service Checklist

ServiceStandard B-ServiceB3-Specific Service
Air Filter ReplacementX
Spark Plug ReplacementX
Synthetic Oil ChangeX
Oil Filter ReplacementX
Cabin Air Filter ReplacementX
Check FluidsX
Check Tire PressureX
Check Brake ComponentsX
Maintenance Service Counter ResetX

How Much Does Mercedes B3 Service Cost?

The average cost of repairs for a Mercedes-Benz B3 is between $200 and $450. The B3 service includes changing the oil and filter, inspecting the brakes, and checking the balance.

Other smaller services include checking the levels of all other fluids and making any necessary changes. After 20,000 miles or a year since the last service, your Mercedes needs this B service.

Maintenance service is better than Mercedes A service because it includes replacing parts. Mercedes-Benz B3 repair costs depend on the model, year, and parts that need to be replaced.

Compared to older models, it costs more to keep and service newer Mercedes-Benz cars. Tired brakes and chassis are very expensive to replace because these parts come in sets.

For a good price, I would suggest going to an independent mechanic instead of an authorized dealer (unless you have a service and warranty plan).

Also, don’t use standard oil in your engine because it doesn’t get rid of heat. Even though it costs more than regular oil, I suggest using synthetic oil to get the most out of your engine.

Take the time to learn about the experts in your area so you don’t pay too much. Make sure that the B3 service is done by a professional tech who has worked on all Mercedes-Benz models before.

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How to Reset Service B3 on a Mercedes C Class?

Resetting the Service B3 message on your Mercedes C Class is a simple task that you can do yourself. After you’ve finished the B3 service, this step can help make sure that the car’s computer knows exactly when your next service is due.

  • Close all Mercedes C Class doors, including the trunk and hood, from the driver’s seat.
  • Turn the ignition switch to the first position with the key. The engine should be off but the dashboard lights on.
  • Press phone pick up on the steering wheel and OK instantly.
  • Vehicle data appears on the instrument cluster. Use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to navigate this menu to ‘Assyst Plus,’ then press ‘OK’.
  • A new menu appears. Scroll through this menu using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons until you reach ‘Full Service,’ then press ‘OK.
  • Another menu will say ‘Confirm Full Service.’ Highlight ‘Yes’ and press ‘OK’.
  • The final screen asks to confirm full-service reset. Again, choose ‘Yes’ and hit ‘OK’.

Final Thoughts

The Mercedes B3 service is one way to keep your car in good shape and make sure it works perfectly. It focuses on changing the engine oil and filters every 20,000 miles or a year.

As part of the service, the brakes, suspension, and fluid levels are checked carefully to improve safety and efficiency. Complex jobs should be done with the help of a professional.

When choosing a service shop, look for one that is certified, has good reviews, and has a lot of experience taking care of Mercedes-benz vehicles. ASE-certified workers, using original parts, being honest, and communicating are all very important.

By following the B3 service, you can keep your Mercedes in great shape, make sure it lasts as long as possible, and drive without worrying.


What is Mercedes b3 service?

The B service includes changing the oil and brake fluid, replacing the cabin filter, and checking the other fluids, brakes, and tires. The techs will also restart the maintenance counter. Every 20,000 miles, it needs to be done.

What is Type B service Mercedes?

Service B includes replacing the oil filter and the motor oil in a Mercedes-Benz. checking and adjusting the air in the tires. Checking the fluid levels and making changes based on what the maker says to do. The cabin dust/combination filter needs to be changed.

What is a b9 service Mercedes?

Depending on the type and year of your car, the factory will tell you how often to check and fix the fluid levels. Check the parts of the brakes. Switch out your synthetic motor oil. Oil Filter to Replace. Reset the counter for cleaning.

Does Mercedes B service include brake fluid change?

The Mercedes-Benz Service A checklist and the Mercedes-Benz Service B checklist are mostly the same, but there are some differences that should be noticed. Service B will also change the brake fluid and the cabin air cleaner. Some CLA and GLA AMG® cars also need to have their engine air filters changed at Service B.

Why does my car say B service?

The letter “B” means that your car needs an oil change and a mechanical check. The number “1” means that your car’s tires need to be rotated. Find out everything you need to know about this code below so you can bring your car in for service knowing exactly what it needs.

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