Get all the maintenance tips to keep your Honda cars in its optimal condition and enjoy a comfortable ride

tire pressure monitor problem honda civic

Tire Pressure Monitor Problem Honda Civic

Muhammad Furqan

If you notice your Honda Civic’s “Tire Pressure Monitor Problem” light comes on, it can be scary. As a skilled mechanic, ...

Honda a12 Service

Honda a12 Service – Explained And What’s Includes

Muhammad Furqan

The A12 error message suggests that you may need to change the oil, the engine air filter, or the tires ...

honda b16 service

Honda b16 Service – Everything You Should Know

Muhammad Furqan

For those of you who own a Honda, you know how important it is to keep up with general care. ...

Honda B14 Service

Honda B14 Service – Cost and Explained

Muhammad Furqan

One of the most often inquiries I get as an auto mechanic from Honda customers is, “What is B14 service, ...

Honda Pilot Firing Order

Honda Pilot Firing Order 2002-15 Model Cylinder Numbers

Muhammad Furqan

Have you ever thought about the science behind what makes the engine in your Honda Pilot roar? Understanding the Honda ...

comprehensive guide to Honda A17

Honda A17 Service – Checklist and What’s Included

Muhammad Furqan

Honda’s Accord, Civic, Odyssey, and CR-V are among the most trusted vehicles on the road. Honda cars, like all other ...

Experience Exceptional Honda A15 Service

Honda A15 Service [Cost & What it Includes]

Muhammad Furqan

Maintenance works need to be done on your Honda on a regular basis to keep it running well. Honda has ...

Honda B17 Service

Honda B17 Service – Costs and What it’s Includes

Muhammad Furqan

I will explain in detail what Honda B17 Service indicates for your car, as well as what services it provides ...

honda a14 service

Honda A14 Service – What to Expect and Cost

Muhammad Furqan

You know that in order to keep your Honda running at peak performance, it needs regular maintenance. Honda A14 Service ...

Honda Pilot DRL Light

Honda Pilot DRL Light – Causes and Fixes

Muhammad Furqan

This article will discuss the meaning of the “DRL” light on your Honda Pilot, common causes of this light, and ...