How Much Gas Does Econ Mode Save In Honda

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how much gas does econ mode save in honda

You’ve probably noticed the Honda’s “go-green” ECON mode button and wondered How Much Gas Does Econ Mode Save Honda version. It’s likely that the salesperson overstated the benefits of ECON and how it would save you money and petrol when you purchased the vehicle. But is using ECON mode worthwhile, and how true is this?

I was curious to know how much, if at all, and by what amount the Honda ECON setting lowers gas use. I’ll go over my findings and the MPG of the Honda Civic ECON mode below.

In a Honda, how much petrol does the ECON mode save? According to Honda, the ECON mode can reduce fuel consumption by up to 9.5%. clients can increase fuel efficiency by one to two miles per gallon by pressing the green ECON button, dealers inform their clients. Some drivers, however, contest this and claim that their Honda Civic ECON mode MPG has not changed.

Bewildered? You ought to be.

Let’s examine Honda’s claim that using the ECON setting will save you petrol while traveling on highways and in cities more closely. After sharing the technical details, I’ve added comments with personal discoveries from actual Honda Civic and CR-V drivers, just like me.

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how much gas does econ mode save honda Version

First, let’s hear from Honda regarding the gas-saving ECON mode. In their marketing, they are extremely clear in saying that the ECON mode reduces fuel usage by nearly 9.5%.

For instance, if you drive a Honda Civic, the ECON mode technology will save you gas by, among other things, slowing the throttle response somewhat, shifting gears up sooner than usual (if your car is automatic), and decreasing the number of cycles in the air conditioning system so that it only blasts air moderately.

2009 saw the introduction of ECON mode technology by Honda in the majority of their car models, which later extended to the remainder of their lineup. To fully comprehend the fuel savings of the Honda ECON mode, we must first comprehend the operation of this technology (as stated by Honda).

Honda describes this amazing technological advancement in detail in a research report titled “Technology for Increased Fuel Efficiency in New Insight.” Since the document is quite technical, we’ll help you better understand its complexities by further simplifying it.

Ways How Honda ECON mode saves gas

1) Response of the throttle

The Honda’s electronic control unit (ECU) calculates how much fuel to provide the engine to satisfy the power demand when the driver boots the throttle. The more gasoline required, the higher the power requirement.

When you give the ECON mode all the details, though, it handles the throttle very strictly.

The ECU reserves a throttle % range when the ECON mode is on, and the vehicle is only permitted to use the amount of “power” that is present within that rev range.

Therefore, even though you may think you’re giving it your all when you apply the full throttle, the ECU only permits the engine to produce 60% to 70% of the entire power.

It is important to remember that the ECON mode only interferes in this manner when it detects a sudden acceleration input as opposed to a steady one.

The scenarios with and without ECON mode activated are displayed in the graphs below.

MPG in Honda Civic ECON mode

2) Modifications to automated CVT shift schedules

Normally, when you step hard on the throttle, the car downshifts automatically to give you more power even when the ECON option is off. As a result, the computer feeds the engine with extra gasoline and dramatically increases the RPM.

If you leave your foot firmly planted, the transmission will shift up at high RPMs, using more fuel.

The CVT transmission makes sure the automobile is driven at low RPMs regardless of the throttle input when the ECON mode is on. The transmission will not shift down to deliver instant power, even if the driver applies significant pressure to the gas pedal.

Rather, it will accelerate the shift and progressively increase engine power to maintain an “economical” power band that it determines is optimal for reducing fuel consumption.

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3) Restricting the compressor of the air conditioner

When you use the air conditioning in your automobile, the compressor puts a significant amount of strain on the engine. As a result, the engine uses more gasoline. However, the engine’s stress level from the AC compressor is directly correlated with the ambient temperature.

To keep the cabin cool when driving on a hot summer day, the compressor will engage several times and run fairly hard, using more gas. Continuously idling or slowly moving through traffic at low RPMs would result in even more gas usage.

Another method which the ECON mode saves gas on highways is by significantly reducing compressor cycles while the system is in this mode. It also lessens the engine’s workload and, last makes sure that the compressor runtime is restricted.

When employing the ECON setting, the AC will take longer to bring the cabin’s temperature down to the required level.

4) Injectors for fuel

Additionally, Honda has modified the way its injectors function when in the ECON mode. Despite being a later addition to the vehicles, Honda has somewhat restricted how much fuel the system can inject.

The ECU would finally only inject that much fuel into the engine, which is sufficient to keep the car running smoothly at low RPMs since the ECON mode takes care of the previously specified parameters.

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when to use the Honda Econ button

  • traveling on the highway at a constant speed
  • typical driving conditions in a city
  • regions where the landscape is mostly level
  • You have nothing to tow.

In most cases, daily driving is fine when it comes to using the Econ button. The Honda Econ mode button can be securely engaged to save fuel.

when should I not use honda’s econ button

  • During sweltering days.
  • When changing lanes on a highway
  • passing other cars in the road.
  • hauling heavy loads.
  • high hills on perilous roads.

When merging onto a highway, you should not utilize the Honda’s Econ button because you will need to accelerate quickly. The Honda’s ECON mode button should also be kept depressed when traveling on shaky roads because it modifies the transmission and throttle response.


In conclusion, it’s still unclear How Much Gas Does Econ Mode Save Honda version to result in a better MPG. According to Honda, you will, and some drivers claim to save petrol. Conversely, some claim not to.

Consider whether ECON mode is worthwhile after using it and testing it in neighborhood and highway driving scenarios.

Does Honda Econ mode save gas?

Fuel is saved by using the Honda ECON button. The Honda ECO mode saves you money by limiting fuel injection, reducing the frequency of shifts, reducing air conditioning, and limiting throttle.

Should I leave my Honda on econ mode?

When merging onto a highway, you should not utilize the Honda’s Econ button because you will need to accelerate quickly. The Honda’s ECON mode button should also be kept depressed when traveling on shaky roads because it modifies the transmission and throttle response.

Is Econ mode worth it?

Eco mode offers a car’s engine less strain, which has several advantages like Increased fuel efficiency: When you use eco mode appropriately, your automobile will consume less gas and get more miles per gallon, albeit the difference in fuel efficiency won’t be that great.

How much does eco mode save on gas?

In summary. Eco mode is not a fuel-saving miracle that appears out of nowhere. Its genuine worth lies in its capacity to promote cost-effective driving habits that can have a significant impact. Other tests have shown that smooth driving can increase city mileage by two to three mpg when compared to chaotic driving.

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