Honda Pilot Firing Order

Honda Pilot Firing Order 2002-15 Model Cylinder Numbers

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Have you ever thought about the science behind what makes the engine in your Honda Pilot roar? Understanding the Honda ...

honda civic hybrid battery

How to Charge a Honda Civic Hybrid Battery

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The Honda Civic Hybrid has grown in popularity in recent years due to its better fuel efficiency and, of course, ...

honda civic with sunroof

Which Model of Honda Civic comes with a Sunroof?

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Many drivers want to ride about town with some natural light and fresh air, and a modern Honda Civic may ...

top speed of Honda Civic

What is Honda Civic top speed?

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Honda Civic has gained in popularity as one of the most dependable and efficient automobiles on the market, and owners ...

comprehensive guide to Honda A17

Honda A17 Service – Checklist and What’s Included

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Honda’s Accord, Civic, Odyssey, and CR-V are among the most trusted vehicles on the road. Honda cars, like all other ...

Honda I-MID Screen

What is the Honda I-MID?

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Honda aims to enhance the quality and comfort of its vehicles year after year by introducing new technical breakthroughs. The ...

Experience Exceptional Honda A15 Service

Honda A15 Service [Cost & What it Includes]

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Maintenance works need to be done on your Honda on a regular basis to keep it running well. Honda has ...

L gear in Honda Civic

What is L gear in Honda Civic?

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Different gearbox positions are available on your Honda Civic’s gearshift. They are generally denoted by the letters P, R, N, ...

Honda B17 Service

Honda B17 Service – Costs and What it’s Includes

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I will explain in detail what Honda B17 Service indicates for your car, as well as what services it provides ...

honda a14 service

Honda A14 Service – What to Expect and Cost

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You know that in order to keep your Honda running at peak performance, it needs regular maintenance. Honda A14 Service ...