How to Open Honda Civic Hood from Outside

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Honda Civic Hood

You will need to open the hood of your Honda Civic at some time, either for normal maintenance or to repair other problems. It requires more than just pushing the hood release to fully open your Civic’s hood. You will have to exit the automobile.

Want to know How can you open your Honda Civic Hood from the outside? than keep reading this blog.

Lift the hood release on the driver’s side first to open the hood of your Civic from the outside. Then, return to the front of your vehicle and release the safety catch. To release the safety catch, insert your fingers under the hood and move the lever to the right.

It’s simple to open the hood of a Civic. I’ll guide you through the simple procedures to get your hood to open from the outside in this post.

You will also learn how to deal with a stuck hood in your Civic. Finally, I’ll respond to some often-asked questions.

Steps To Open Honda Civic Hood From Outside

Ensure you park your Civic safely on level ground before raising the hood. After that, proceed as follows

Step 1 – Find the hood release lever

The automaker typically positions the hood release lever on the driver’s side of the dashboard, specifically in the bottom left corner. It’s a plastic handle with an image of an open automobile hood on it.

If you still can’t find the hood release lever, see your owner’s handbook.

Step 2 – Release the hood release lever

Pull the hood release lever until the hood opens slightly and close the driver-side door. When it opens slightly, you should hear a click or pop.

An insulated wire, which travels from the back of your Civic to the front, connects to the hood release lever. Pulling the release lever so disengages the hood clasp and partially lifts the hood.

Step 3 – Disengage the hood’s safety catch from the outside

The safety catch, often known as the hood latch, is a vehicle safety device that keeps the hood closed and prevents inadvertent openings while driving.

 Opening the hood of a Honda Civic from the outside.

Walk to the front of the car with the hood half open to disengage the safety catch and completely open the hood. The safety catch is located under the hood’s left center. It is located to the left of the large ‘H’ Honda emblem.

Slide your fingers beneath the hood’s center, then slide the lever to the right and lift the hood.

Step 4 – Secure the hood in place

In the engine bay of your Civic, there is a support rod that keeps the hood open during an inspection. Insert the support rod into the receptacle in the hood.

You can easily access and check your engine with the hood held in place by the support rod.

Step 5 – You are All Done!

Yes, you have now successfully opened your Civic’s hood from the outside!

To close the hood of your Civic, lift it just enough to remove the support rod, then return it. After that, drop the hood until it is only a few inches (12 inches or 30cm) above the latch and slam it shut.

Finally, double-check to ensure that the hood is properly closed.

How Can You Open A Stuck Honda Civic Hood?

It is fairly unusual for the hood of your Civic to become stuck and refuse to open. When presented with this issue, you can use any of the following approaches to unlock it.

Method 1 – Make use of a tool

  • Place your Honda Civic on flat ground and switch off the engine.
  • Pull the hood release lever located beneath the driver’s side dash until the hood gently opens.
  • Go to the front of your car and look under the hood for the hood latch lever.
  • The hood latch lever is located just over the Honda logo. You might need a torch to see it well.
  • Insert a flat-head screwdriver or pry bar into the grille, then press the hood latch lever to the right until the hood comes off.

Method 2 – Obtain Assistance

  • Place both palms on the hood and then apply firm pressure on it.
  • Have a passenger pull the hood release mechanism and keep it in place.
  • Raise the hood of your automobile at the same moment your friend raises the hood release lever.
  • Repeat the procedures at regular intervals, increasing the pressure on the latch until it opens.

Why Is Your Honda Civic’s Hood Stuck?

There are various possible causes for your Civic hood becoming stuck and difficult to open. Among them are the following:

A faulty hood release lever

Your hood release lever may wear out or break due to use and, in certain situations, incorrect handling.

If the hood release lever feels sloppy or stiff when pulled, it may be broken. To handle this issue, it is advisable to seek expert assistance.

Jammed Hood Latch

If your Civic has been in an accident or has had something fall on it forcibly, the clasp that opens the hood may not be responsive.

To unstick the latch, lubricate it. If lubricating the latch does not solve the problem, try replacing it.

Can I Open The Hood Of My Honda Civic From The Inside?

Yes, you can open your Civic’s hood from the inside. The hood latch may be released using a lever positioned near the driver’s seat. If your older Civic has one, it may have a handle on the driver’s side. To open the hood, simply pull on this handle.

How Do You Open The Hood Of A Honda Civic Without Latch?

If the Civic’s hood clasp is broken or damaged, the driver can use the emergency release inside the vehicle near the driver’s seat to open the hood. Simply pull on the lever and the hood will spring open.

A cable release is another option for opening the hood without a lock. The cable release is positioned beneath the dashboard. Pull on the cord to open the hood.

Final Thoughts

Normally, the Honda Civic Hood must be opened from the inside before being opened from the outside. It is feasible, although not simple, to open the hood of a Honda Civic from the outside.

Reaching down through the front grille and feeling for the release lever is required. Pull it up and then open the hood after you’ve discovered it. If the latch is not disengaged, you must use a screwdriver to leverage the release mechanism and open the hood.


How do you open the hood of a Honda Civic without the release?

If you can’t find the handle, there should be a lever or button on the driver’s side of the dashboard. If you still can’t find the release, you can use pliers to release the primary latch. If you’re still having problems, mechanics or Honda dealers may be able to help.

How can I pop my hood from the outside?

Simply take this screwdriver and insert it behind the clasp. And you pop it open just like that, I’ll do it again. Then you’ll be able to hoist it up.

How do you open the hood on a Honda City from the outside?

Pull the hood release lever, which is located on the left side of the driver’s footwell near the dead pedal. Proceed to the front of the vehicle. Feel around beneath the hood’s center and press the hood release clasp. Lift and secure the hood with the prop rod.

How do you pop a hood without a key?

If you can see the cable behind your grill, tug on it.
You may be able to see the cable connecting your hood latch to the release lever indoors, depending on your make and model. Examine your grill using a flashlight. Grab some pliers and gently tug on the cable to unlock the clasp if you can see it.

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