How To Find Which Honda Civic Model You Have

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Honda Civic new Model

Honda has been producing various Civic models since 1972. Body style and trim level change widely across generations and models. However, some are so identical that it’s difficult to tell which Honda Civic Model you have.

But don’t worry, there are some reasonably simple methods for determining what model Honda you have.

Where can you look to determine the model of the Civic you own? Examine the back of your car to determine which Civic model you have. You should have one emblem for the make and another for the model on the back of your Civic. Check your owner’s manual, car registration paperwork, or car Identification Number (VIN) instead.

It is not as difficult as you would imagine to determine which Civic model you have. In this essay, I will simplify and explain how to select the model of your Civic regardless of generation or year.

You’ll also learn about Honda Civic body shapes, trim levels, and how to interpret the VIN on your Civic. Finally, I’ll respond to some connected queries.

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How Can You Tell The Honda Civic Model You Have?

Every Honda Civic is identified by a model name. Check any of the following locations to determine which Civic model you have

Civic’s Back End

One of the simplest methods to tell the model of Civic you possess is to look at the rear of it. Most automakers engrave the model’s name on one end and the automobile company emblem on the other.

Typically, your model badge will be located on the right side of your trunk.

User Manual

You may not enjoy reading your Civic’s handbook, but it contains important information about your vehicle.

The name of your Honda Civic model should be listed on the cover page of your Civic’s manual. Otherwise, it would be on the first few pages of the handbook.

Registration Documentation

You will find the manufacturer and model of your Civic displayed on the title or registration papers. You may also use your registration number to check the model of your Civic on numerous websites.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

One of the easiest methods to seek information about your Civic, including its model and trim level, is to use its VIN. The VIN on your Civic is a unique 17-digit code made up of letters and numbers.

The following are the most apparent locations to look for your VIN:

  • Near the bottom of the windshield on the driver’s side dashboard.
  • The VIN is inscribed on a metal plate connected to the dashboard’s top.
  • On the door frame on the driver’s side. Near the point where it clamps to the car’s body.
  • Under the hood (how to open).
  • On the title or registration papers for your car.

Once you’ve identified your VIN, enter it into any reputable VIN decoder tool online to determine the model of your Civic. The vehicle’s history, theft cases, warranty claims, insurance coverage, and so on may be traced using your VIN, in addition to providing information on the type of automobile.

Various internet resources will provide comprehensive car information based on your VIN. Some of the greatest examples

Steps To Decode Your Civic’s Vehicle Identification Number (Vin)

The 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 1981 to identify and monitor automobiles.

Since then, all automakers, including Honda, have engraved a unique VIN on each car they possess.

Each letter of the 17-digit VIN contains important information about your vehicle. Each Honda VIN is divided into three sections:

WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier)

The WMI is made up of the first three letters of your vehicle’s license plate. It contains information on the car’s county of origin, manufacturer, and vehicle type or manufacturing division.

VDS (Vehicle Description Section)

The VDS is made up of the fourth through ninth numbers of your VIN. They provide information about your vehicle, such as the body type, model, and so on.

Section of Vehicle Identification (VIS)

The VIS section includes the year of manufacture, the assembly manufacturing site, and the production sequence numbers.

Below is a typical example of what your Civic’s VIN will look like:

Here’s what each character in the VIN above indicates.

  • 2: The country of origin
  • H: Honda, the manufacturer
  • No. 8: Vehicle type
  • B, G, 4, W, and 2: Vehicle characteristics such as model, body style, engine code, transmission, and so on.
  • 7: The Security check number, which is also used to identify invalid VINs.
  • N: Year of manufacture
  • L: A manufacturing plant
  • 003562: Serial or production number.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I would like to conclude that the easiest way to Find Which Honda Civic Model You Have is to check the back of the vehicle. Most cars have emblems of the car’s make on one side and its model on the other.

Check your car’s vehicle identification number or VIN by looking where the windshield meets the dashboard or on your door jamb. The VIN tells you a lot of information, such as where your car was manufactured, who manufactured it, the year of the car, the model, etc. 

How do I know what model my Honda Civic is?

The back end of your Civic
Most automakers engrave the model name on one end and the automobile company emblem on the other. Typically, your model badge will be located on the right side of your trunk.

How do I know if my Honda Civic is LX or EX?

Ways to Determine Whether a Honda Civic Is an LX or an EX
1) The EX’s touchscreen includes an SMS text messaging capability.
2) Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available on the EX.
3) Honda LaneWatch is standard on the EX.
4) The steering wheel of the EX is leather-wrapped.
5) The LX has four speakers, but the EX has eight.
6) The front seats on the EX are heated.

How do you tell if my Honda Civic is a coupe or sedan?

The sedan has a number of doors. Coupes have two doors, whereas sedans have four doors. Exterior design: The lower stature of the coupe results in stylistic modifications such as larger doors and rear windows for an overall sportier aspect.

Are there different types of Honda Civics?

Sedan, coupe, Hybrid, and Si versions are available. High-performance Si is a sedan.

How do I know if my 2007 Honda Civic is a coupe or sedan?

Door Count: As previously stated, coupes frequently have two doors, whereas sedans have four. Body Style: When comparing coupes with sedans, coupes are shorter in stature than sedans. Coupe variants have taller doors and longer rear windows due to these variations.

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