How Much Can A Honda Civic Last On Empty

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how many miles can a honda civic last on empty

We’ve all felt terrible when driving as the fuel gauge needle reaches zero. However, you may have noted that you still managed to drive a short distance to obtain petrol… But you might not have been that fortunate.

This begs the issue of how far you can drive your Honda Civic on a single tank of gas. How far do you have to go before you come to a halt? Here’s what to expect.

How many miles can a Honda Civic last on empty? According to Honda dealers, you may be able to drive for 30 to 50 miles on empty. This will vary depending on the Civic model and year, so always assume you have 10 miles to go on empty and top up as soon as feasible. 

how many miles can a Honda Civic last on empty

We all know that most new Honda Civics give good mileage and a fair fuel economy to help you save money in the long term. But how far can you travel before you run out of gas?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tests various sorts of automobiles under controlled settings so that you may compare fuel efficiency. According to their After the low fuel indicator illuminates, a typical family automobile, such as a Honda Civic, will travel around 30 miles.

We all know that most new Honda Civics provide good mileage and fuel efficiency, allowing you to save money in the long run. But how far can you go before running out of gas?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) analyzes several types of vehicles in controlled environments so that fuel efficiency may be compared. After the low fuel indication glows, a typical family vehicle, such as a Honda Civic, will drive around 30 miles.

Based on this, if you have a tank of gas and can only go approximately 434 miles overall, your Honda Civic may be able to go 30 to 50 miles on empty.

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Why can a Honda Civic drive with low or no fuel?

It’s a question that automotive aficionados have been asking for quite some time. The solution is not as straightforward as you believe, and numerous aspects must be considered.

Incorrect fuel gauge reading

The first thing to understand is that the fuel gauge on your Civic does not always show how much petrol is left in the tank. The gauge simply measures the amount of gasoline that has been consumed; it does not account for the amount of fuel that is still in the tank.

Gas particles that remain

Because your Civic prefers to drain all of the gasoline, some gas particles remain in your tank, so don’t assume you have an empty tank when the dashboard instructs you to refuel. This is the start of the question of how many miles can a Honda Civic last on empty.

You might be able to deduce from this that you still have 10 to 15% of the fuel in your Honda Civic.

How to Determine How Far Your Car Can Travel After It Is Empty

As previously stated, a Honda Civic has around 15% of its gasoline tank remaining when the empty gas indication begins to glow. It fluctuates depending on factors such as the state of the vehicle, tank size, fuel economy, and the type of gas utilized by the driver.

You may simply calculate how far you can go by determining the following parameters. 

The dimensions of your tank

The size of your Civic’s gasoline tank is specified in the owner’s handbook. The tank sizes of several Honda vehicles are listed below:

CarModelTank size
Civic Hatchback 202212.39 GL
Civic Sedan202212.4 GL
Civic Sedan202213.2 GL
CR-V Hybrid202214 GL
Accord Hybrid202214.8 GL

Fuel efficiency

It also changes depending on the automobile, such as tank size.

  • The Honda Civic (LX) gets 31 miles per gallon.
  • The Honda Civic (Sport) gets 30 miles per gallon.

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formula to find how far a Honda Civic can go on an empty tank

Tank volume multiplied by ten (Gas after empty tank indication)

For example, if your automobile has a 10-gallon tank, it will have 1 gallon remaining after the low fuel display.

Similarly, following the low fuel signal, a 16-GL tank will have 1.6-GL remaining.

Fuel efficiency multiplied by the amount of petrol left in your tank

Civic fuel efficiency is 31 mpg, and the tank size is 14 GL with 1.4 GL leftover gas, so 31 x 1.4 = 43.4 Miles

So, if the remaining conditions stay good, a Honda Civic will drive 43.4 miles if its fuel economy is 31 mpg and tank capacity is 14-GL.

Make it a point not to make it a habit.

After reading all of these facts and numbers, you can see that the gas warning light is nothing to be afraid of.

Remember to fill up your car as soon as you get to a gas station because not doing so can create major difficulties in your car’s engine, such as overheating and impacts on the gasoline tank.

Because of the moisture left in the fuel tank, the leftover gas particles might cause corrosion. If you want your automobile to last longer, avoid doing this.   

Here are some pointers to help you improve your fuel economy:

  • Roll up your windows to reduce any resistance caused by the wind while driving.
  • Discover how to activate the Civic’s ECON mode.
  • When driving, try to maintain a fuel-efficient speed of 40 mph.
  • Drive at a consistent speed rather than at peak speed!
  • Disconnect all electrical devices, such as radios and GPS systems.
  • Double-check the tire pressure on all sides.

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Civic’s Gas Tank Capacity

The Honda Civic has a gasoline tank capacity of 12.4 gallons. This gas tank capacity might keep you on the road and reduce the number of trips to the gas station. As a result, it contributes significantly to the Civic’s excellent fuel economy, and it complements the sedan’s design wonderfully. Prepare to enjoy the kilometers of road ahead and bid farewell to the dreaded petrol pump.

The capacity of the Civic’s Gas Tank

The Honda Civic’s gasoline tank holds 12.4 gallons. This gas tank capacity may help you stay on the road longer and make fewer journeys to the gas station. As a consequence, it considerably adds to the Civic’s exceptional fuel efficiency and compliments the sedan’s style well. Prepare to enjoy the kilometers ahead and bid farewell to the dreaded gas station.

The Civic’s Engine Performance

The Honda Civic is propelled by an In-Line 4-cylinder engine with 138 lb-ft of torque and 158 horsepower. So you don’t have to worry about the Civic not generating whenever you want it since the fundamental engine is ready to carry you wherever. The optional In-Line 4-cylinder engine with a Turbocharger delivers 177 lb-ft of torque and 180 horsepower for strong driving.

Final Thoughts

At the end, I would answer your question of how many miles can a Honda Civic last on empty which is almost 20km. In rare situations, your fuel gauge may be broken. Our service staff can help you with difficulties with your gas tank, fuel pump, or any other vehicle issue.  Make an appointment for maintenance or repairs online.


What’s the Honda Civic’s low fuel indicator?

When your car’s gasoline tank is nearly empty (around 1.9 US.GL. or 7.5 L remaining), the Low gasoline Indicator illuminates.
If anything in the fuel gauge is defective, it will begin to switch on and off. However, it instantly goes on when you fill your automobile

What are the dangers of driving in a low-fuel tank?

When driving on an empty tank, you might soon run out of gas and the car will not start. This is due to a phenomenon known as “choking.” Choking happens when gasoline is left in a vehicle for an extended period and the gas gets carbonized.
This is why automobiles with a minimal quantity of gas sitting in a parking lot may still start. The longer the vehicle sits, though, the more probable it is to catch fire.
This can also damage your vehicle’s fuel filter, pump, and catalytic converter. If they are damaged, they all cost more than $200-300.

How many miles are left when the gas light comes on the Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord has been a dependable vehicle for many years, but it is also noted for its poor fuel efficiency.
If you’re wondering how much petrol is left in your tank when the light turns on, you might be astonished to learn that you just have a few miles to go. This is because a Honda Accord has the largest gas tank, a 26-GL, and can go more than 90 miles on an empty tank.

When the Honda gas light turns on, how many miles do you have?

Honda Civic vehicles are often exceptionally fuel-efficient, with around 43 miles remaining even after the gas indicator illuminates.
Cars such as the Honda Civic may provide an additional 44 miles, while Toyota provides an additional 47 miles thanks to improved fuel economy.

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