Which Model of Honda Civic comes with a Sunroof?

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honda civic with sunroof

Many drivers want to ride about town with some natural light and fresh air, and a modern Honda Civic may play it smart by adding the sunroof function. However, not all Honda Civics have sunroofs to meet the demands of drivers who like to drive in the open air.

The question is which Honda Civic with Sunroof is available in the market? All Honda Civic EX grades and higher will have a sunroof, depending on the year of manufacture. This means that the sunroof is standard on the Honda Civic EX, EX-L, Touring, and Si models.

I’ll use the chart below to determine whether Honda Civic grades and body designs have a sunroof. I’ll also answer any queries you might have about Honda Civic sunroofs.

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Honda Civic with Sunroof

Civics have an attractive interior and exterior thanks to the sunroof. It is a less expensive way to enjoy the excitement of driving a convertible – at least, that is one way to look at it! I’ve compiled a list of the most recent Honda Civic grades and body types with sunroofs from 2020 to 2022.

The Honda Civic 2022

The 2022 Honda Civic is offered in sedan or hatchback body styles. The Civic sedan is available in LX, EX, Sport, Touring, and Si trim levels. The Civic hatchback is available in LX, EX-L, Sport, and Sport Touring trim levels.

The following tables show which 2022 Civic trims include a sunroof:

2022 Civic Sedan with sunroof


2022 Civic Hatchback with sunroof

TrimsLXEX-LSportSport Touring

The Honda Civic 2021

The Honda Civic 2021 is available in two body styles: sedan and hatchback. The Civic Sedan is available in the LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Touring trim levels.

The Civic hatchback is available in LX, Sport, EX, and Sport Touring trim levels. The Type R and Type R Limited Edition are also hatchbacks.

The following tables indicate which 2021 Civic grades include a sunroof:

2021 Civic Sedan with sunroof

TrimsLXEXEX-LSport Touring

2021 Civic Hatchback with sunroof

TrimsLXEXSportSport TouringType RType R  Limited Edition

The Honda Civic 2020

The 2020 Honda Civic is available in sedan, coupe, or hatchback body styles. The Civic sedan is available in LX, EX, EX-L, Sport, and Touring trim levels. Except for the EX-L, coupe vehicles are available in the same trim levels as sedans. The Civic hatchback is available in LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Sport Touring trim levels.

The hatchback is the sole body style offered for the Type R variant.

The following tables indicate which 2020 Civic grades include a sunroof:

2020 Civic Sedan with sunroof


2020 Civic Hatchback with sunroof

TrimsLXEXEX-LSportSport TouringType R

2020 Civic Coupe with sunroof


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Opening, closing, and tilting your Honda Civic with sunroof

You recently purchased a Civic with a sunroof, but you’re having difficulties using it? Stay with me, and I’ll take care of your concerns.

To begin, your car’s ignition switch must be turned “ON” in order to operate the sunroof. Follow the steps below to get it working:

Opening the sunroof on your Civic

Pull the sunroof switch rearward firmly with one touch. As a result, the sunroof automatically opens completely. By momentarily pushing the switch, you can halt the sunroof in the middle of its operation.

The sunroof may also be opened manually. To do so, carefully pull back on the sunroof switch and hold it until you reach the desired place.

Closing the sunroof on your Civic

Push the sunroof switch forward firmly with one touch, and the sunroof will close completely.

To close it manually, gently press the sunroof switch forward and keep it there until you reach the desired point.

Tilting the sunroof on your Civic

To tilt your Civic’s sunroof, press the center button on the sunroof switch. Push the switch forward firmly, then release it to close the tilt.

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Reasons why your Civic’s sunroof is not functioning

The following are some of the possible causes of your Civic’s sunroof malfunction:

Sunroof tracks clogged

 A blocked sunroof track is a typical problem that stops your Civic’s sunroof from shutting or opening. This problem may be avoided by cleaning the sunroof tracks on a regular basis.

Sunroof switch failure

The metal contacts in your Civic’s sunroof switch may corrode and wear out over time. Your sunroof switch will fail due to rusted metal connections.

To repair this, remove the sunroof switch and clean the corrosion. In extreme rust situations, the sunroof switch may need to be replaced.

Sunroof motor failure

 When you open the sunroof on your Civic, the sunroof motor usually makes a whining sound. If you don’t hear the sound, the motor may be faulty, causing your sunroof to cease operating.

If your sunroof motor breaks, you should visit a repair right away to get it replaced.

A loose cable, a misaligned panel, or other damaged pieces might also be the cause of your sunroof not working.

Repairing a sunroof may need more than basic abilities, thus it is best to consult a professional.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Honda Civic with a Sunroof?

One of the most significant advantages of having a Honda Civic With Sunroof is that it increases the value of your vehicle. It enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle and provides it with a more sumptuous appearance.

Honda is a well-known brand in the automobile business. In their civic models, they provide the highest quality sunroofs. These higher-quality systems, even when overused, survive roughly 15-20 years with regular maintenance. This is the same as the car’s own lifespan.

Toyota is another high-quality Japanese automotive brand name. If you want to discover which Toyota Hybrid has a sunroof, the information is available. Check out the panoramic sunroof on one of South Korea’s most popular automotive brands, Kia Optima!

Finally, if you wish to trade in your automobile, models with sunroofs will fetch a greater market price than base versions.

How to Use Honda Civic Sunroofs?

You may experience difficulty running your new Honda Civic after purchasing it. But don’t worry, I’ve covered how to operate the Honda Civic with the sunroof installed inside your vehicle. However, you must first confirm that your ignition switch is turned on.

How to Open Honda Civic’s Sunroof

The sunroof switch allows you to open the sunroof. It is situated near the central cabin light. To open the sunroof, pull this switch back firmly. It will fully open the sunroof.

The sunroof may, however, be operated manually. Open the sunroof by gently pushing back and holding the sunroof switch until it is at the desired position.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Honda Civic, automobile aficionados, and consumers frequently have specific preferences for the amenities they want. A Honda Civic With Sunroof is one element that adds a touch of elegance and improves the driving experience. This extensive essay will look into the Honda Civic models for 2022 and 2023, concentrating on all three possible trim levels: Sport, EX, and Touring.

We will determine which trims include a sunroof and give an in-depth examination of the distinctive characteristics and aspects of each trim. Whether you’re contemplating the Sport’s athletic performance, the EX’s tech-savvy appeal, or the Touring’s sumptuous amenities, this guide will help you make an educated selection.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Honda Civic, we invite you to contact Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where our knowledgeable staff will assist you further.


Do all Honda Civic Ex have sunroofs?

All Honda Civic Ex grades include a sunroof. The Civic Coupe LX-P also comes standard with a sunroof.

How do I reset my Honda Civic’s sunroof?

Resetting the sunroof control unit is one of the most effective techniques to address sunroof operating concerns.
This is how you do it:
1: Close the driver’s side door and keep it closed throughout the operation.
2: Turn off the ignition switch on your Civic.
3: Hold down the tilt switch while turning on the ignition to (II).
4: Turn off the ignition and then release the tilt switch.
5: Four times through the third step.
6: To open the sunroof, press and hold the sunroof switch for three seconds after it has fully opened.
7: Close the sunroof by pressing and holding the switch for three seconds once it is fully closed.
8: Congratulations!
I am certain that you have completed the instructions outlined above and that your sunroof control unit has been successfully reset. To ensure that your sunroof problems have been repaired, use the auto shut and open sunroof functionalities.

How long will a Honda Civic sunroof last?

Sunroofs in Civics, like other body components, are designed to endure the life of the vehicle. They do, however, require frequent treatment, much like other bodily components.
Because sunroofs are regularly exposed to direct environmental impacts such as rain, snow, or ice formation, they must be cleaned of any debris that may accumulate on the sliding rails and around the sealing components.
To summarize, frequent maintenance and care will be critical to their lifetime.

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