Honda B17 Service – Costs and What it’s Includes

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Honda B17 Service

I will explain in detail what Honda B17 Service indicates for your car, as well as what services it provides and how much it costs. Additionally, I will also furnish a comprehensive checklist detailing all the tasks that must be completed to finish the “B17 service.

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Without wasted any more of your time. Let us dive right into it.

A simple explanation: the Honda b17 service code is a part of the Honda maintenance minder system. There are three distinct meanings to the code’s components.

  • The letter “B” indicates that you should replace the engine oil filter, check the front and rear brakes, and set the parking brake.
  • A1 indicates that tire inspection and rotation are required.
  • Changing the brake fluid is indicated by the number 7.

What Does B17 Service Mean on a Honda?

Above, I described what each of the Honda b17 service codes entails. You should check that you have completed all necessary maintenance chores before the code shows.

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Let’s examine the meanings of all these codes:

What Does Honda “B17 Service” Include?

Replace Oil Filter, Adjust the Parking Brake, and Inspect Read and Front Brakes (B):

Obviously, these things are very important for your car to run well. You don’t want to drive with brakes and parking brakes that don’t work.

So, when the code shows up, you should check all the brakes to make sure they are working well. Also important is the parking stop.

It makes sure you don’t hit anything when you park your car, so if you get a B17 code, have it checked and fixed.

The oil filter is typically replaced when changing the engine oil, but it’s essential to have it inspected when your car signals the need to do so. The B in the code also lets you know about a number of other checks. They include, among other things, the following:

  1. Check the steering box and rod ends.
  2. Check for damage or wear and tear on the suspension parts, such as the control arms, springs, and shocks.
  3. Look at the brake lines and hoses. The ABS is also a part of this.
  4. Check how the exhaust system works.
  5. Check the boots on the drive shaft.
  6. Check the links and fuel lines.

Tire Rotation (1):

The 1 in the Honda B17 repair code means that the tires need to be checked and rotated. You can switch the front tires with the back tires and the back tires with the front ones.

You can also switch which side the tires are on. It’s important to check your tires and rotate them so that the treads wear evenly. It also gives the car the best grip and keeps it easy to drive.

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During the checkup, your mechanic will also check the tires for damage like cuts and bulges so that repairs can be made as soon as possible.

Brake Fluid Change (7):

The 7 in the Honda B17 service number means that the brake fluid needs to be changed. This is one of the most important maintenance jobs that should never be skipped. It needs to be done every 45,000 miles.

The brake fluid is an important part of the way your Honda stops. It sends the force put on the brake pedal to the wheels to stop the car.

Over time, the brake fluid gets dirty and soaks up water, which makes it useless. This makes it harder for the brakes to work and can cause other problems with the brakes.

Because of this, it is important to change the brake fluid on a regular basis to make sure your car’s stopping system works well.

Honda B17 Service Checklist

Replace Oil FilterCheck the oil filter and, if needed, repair it.
Adjust the Parking BrakeCheck the parking brake and make any necessary changes.
Inspect Front and Rear BrakesMake sure the brakes are working well.
Inspect Steering Box and Rod EndsCheck for any wear and tear or damage.
Inspect Suspension ComponentsCheck for damage or wear on the control arms, springs, and shocks.
Check Brake Hoses and LinesCheck the hoses, lines, and ABS on the brakes.
Inspect Exhaust SystemMake sure that the exhaust system works well.
Check Driveshaft BootsCheck for any wear or damage.
Check Fuel Lines and ConnectionsMake sure that the fuel lines and links are tight and working well.
Tire RotationCheck your tires and turn them so that the treads wear evenly and you get the most grip.
Change Brake FluidChange the oil in the brakes.

How Much Does Honda’s B17 Service Cost?

The total cost of a Honda b17 service will depend on many things, such as the cost of work, where you live, and the type of car you have.

You should call your Honda Service Center to find out the exact prices, but here is an estimate of how much each of these things will cost:

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Oil Filter replacement, Parking Brake adjustment, and Brakes Inspection cost

Most of the time, the services listed under code B will cost between $100 and $200. This will vary a lot, and based on the services you have done, it may even go up.

Tire Rotation Cost

Expect to pay between $20 and $40 to rotate and check your tires. It’s a good idea to have a little more money on hand in case you need to fix the tires.

Brake Fluid Change

You can expect to pay between $90 and $200 to change the brake fluid. This cost includes the money for the new brake fluid and the work to clean the system and add the new brake fluid.

Again, the price may vary from place to place, so you may want to contact your Honda Service center for the exact figure. Revitalize Your Honda B17 Service Experience | Expert Tips


The Honda B17 service code indicates that certain maintenance tasks need to be performed. The ‘B’ means the oil filter should be replaced, parking brake adjusted, and brakes inspected. The ‘1’ indicates tires need rotation and inspection. The ‘7’ means the brake fluid should be changed. These tasks are important for proper vehicle operation.

Replacing oil filters, adjusting brakes, and inspecting brake lines maintains safe braking. Rotating and inspecting tires promotes even tread wear and grip. Replacing brake fluid regularly maintains braking system performance.

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Costs vary but oil filter or brake service is ~$100-200, tire rotation is ~$20-40, and brake fluid replacement is ~$90-200. Check with your Honda dealer for exact pricing. Completing B17 service provides critical preventative maintenance to keep your Honda running safely. Maintenance Minder Service Codes & Sub-Codes.


What is Honda Accord B17 service?

Check all of the parts of the brakes in detail. A12. You might need to change the engine’s air filter, the oil, or the tires. B17. You may need to change the oil, rotate the tires, and put in new brake fluid.

What does a 17 maintenance mean on a Honda?

The A17 is used to change the oil, rotate the tires, and fill the brake fluid.

What is Honda B 1 service code?

If your Honda car, SUV, or truck’s Maintenance Minder shows a Honda B1 service code, you might be asking, “What is Honda B1 service?” The letter “B” means that your car needs an oil change and a mechanical check, and the number “1” means that the tires need to be rotated.

What is maintenance B 1 2?

B 1 2 Service: Change the oil and oil filter, turn the tires, check the tire pressure, replace the air cleaner element, check the drive belt, and replace the dust and pollen filter.

Is Honda B1 service necessary?

Every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, or about every 6 months, a Honda should have its oil changed and its tires rotated. During the same time period, it’s also a good idea to have a mechanical check done.

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