Honda A17 Service – Checklist and What’s Included

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comprehensive guide to Honda A17

Honda’s Accord, Civic, Odyssey, and CR-V are among the most trusted vehicles on the road. Honda cars, like all other makes, will need maintenance at some point, though. The “A17 Service” is a typical maintenance visit for Honda vehicles, and I’ll go over it in this article.

A regular service can assist guarantee that your car stays in good condition and lasts as long as feasible. I’ll break down the nature of this service, the areas it serves, and a checklist you can use to get the most of it.

What Does Service A17 Mean on a Honda?

In short, if “service a17” shows up on your Honda’s screen, it just means that the oil, brake fluid, and tires need to be changed.

“Maintenance Minder” is a feature that comes with Honda cars that lets you know when it’s time to get your car repaired.

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Each car has its own set of codes and numbers that tell the system what kind of work it needs.

A17 stands for an Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and Brake Fluid Change. The letter A stands for Oil Change, the number 1 for Tire Rotation, and the number 7 for Brake Fluid Change.

It’s important to know that a Honda’s maintenance reminder doesn’t just look at the number of miles or kilometers driven. It also looks at things like the number of starts and stops, idle time, engine hours, sensor readings, and other information from the ECU.

What Does Honda “A17 Service” Include?

Now, let’s get a little deeper into the specifics of what you may anticipate when you take your Honda in for an A17 Service.

Engine Oil Change:

A car’s lifefluid is its engine oil.

All the moving parts get lubricated, cooled, and cleaned as it makes its way through the system, flushing out any dirt or impurities along the way.

This helps keep those components in good shape for longer by reducing the likelihood of early wear and tear.

Honda’s engine oil gets soiled and polluted with time, requiring replacement.

When you bring your Honda in for its A17 Service, the technician will replace the old oil with fresh Honda motor oil and drain the old oil.

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Tire Rotation:

Technician After the engine has been changed, the technician will rotate the engine.

Driving on the highway versus in the city, or on paved versus gravel roads, will cause tires to wear at different rates.

Tires should be rotated at regular intervals to maintain uniform tread wear and tread life on all four tires.

This prevents unexpected flats or blowouts from occurring when a tire reaches a specific level of wear.

The technician will rotate your tires and make sure they are properly inflated.

Brake Fluid Replacement

The A17 service is not complete until the brake fluid is flushed and replaced.

As you drive, moisture from the air gets into the braking fluid.

Premature wear of your brake pads and rotors can be caused by corrosion that forms in your braking system when moisture is present.

In order to get rid of this moisture, the mechanic will need to change out the braking fluid.

guide to Honda A17
guide to Honda A17

Honda A17 Service Checklist

Oil Change
Oil Filter Change (Optional)
Tire Rotation
Tire Pressure Correction
Brake Fluid Replacement

The Importance of A17 Service for Your Honda

As a seasoned mechanic, I frequently witness customers making the rookie mistake of putting off car maintenance until an actual problem arises.

They’ll put thousands of extra dollars into repairs after driving an automobile past its service due date.

The oil change is the most vital aspect of this procedure. Oil changes are inexpensive but worthwhile in the long run.

If you don’t replace the oil, it can cause early wear on parts of your engine and lead to costly repairs down the line.

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Maintaining your Honda at regular intervals might help spot any problems before they become expensive to fix.

Honda Service A17 Interval

Depending on how often, how carefully, and where you drive, the service a17 alert should go off anywhere from 20,000 to 35,000 miles, or two to five years.

Honda Cars A17 Service

Civic A-17 Service

Honda Civic A17 Service provides comprehensive maintenance and repairs for Honda Civic models from. Our expert Honda technicians perform services per factory recommendations using Genuine Honda Parts to optimize your vehicle’s performance and reliability.

CR-V A-17 Service

Honda CR-V A17 Service delivers factory scheduled maintenance and repairs for Honda CR-V models. Our ASE-certified technicians use Genuine Honda Parts to provide optimal service, maximizing your CR-V’s performance and longevity. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep your CR-V running like new.

Acura A-17 Service

Keep your Honda or Acura vehicle running at its best with regular A17 service. This service includes an oil change, tire rotation, and brake fluid replacement. Schedule your appointment today and let our qualified technicians take care of the rest!

CRV A-17 Service

Honda CRV A17 Service specializes in scheduled maintenance and repairs for Honda CR-V models. Our technicians are A17 certified to properly service your CR-V using Genuine Honda Parts and fluids. Trust our expertise to protect your warranty, maximize performance, and extend the life of your Honda CR-V.

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Accord A-17 Service

Honda Accord A17 Service delivers factory scheduled maintenance for Accord models. Our A17 certified Honda technicians use Genuine Parts and fluids for optimal repairs and service. Protect your warranty, improve performance, and extend the life of your Accord with our expertise.

Odyssey A-17 Service

Honda Odyssey A17 Service provides expert maintenance and repairs for Honda Odyssey models. Our technicians are specially trained and certified to properly service your Odyssey to Honda’s strict A17 service guidelines using Genuine Parts. Trust our A17 certified shop to keep your Odyssey running safely and reliably. Contact us today to schedule service.

Final Thoughts

Dashboard lights act as essential indicators of vehicle health and maintenance needs. When a Honda vehicle receives the A17 error code, maintenance such as an oil and filter change, brake fluid inspection, and tire rotation is required.

If you want your car to function well and last a long time, regular maintenance is a must.

Maintaining reliable performance and optimal safety while driving your Honda requires timely attention to the A17 code and following standard maintenance procedures.

Assistive technology is available to help you find the information you need. To keep your Honda in tip-top shape, you need be proactive and prioritize maintenance.

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FAQ for Honda A17 Service

What is A17 service for Honda?

The oil change, tire rotation, and brake fluid replacement all fall under the A17 category.

What is the maintenance code a7 on a Honda?

After doing some research, I found out that in addition to “A,” which stands for “oil change,” “7” means “replace brake fluid.”

What is a 15 service Honda?

In addition to the Honda A Service code, the system will also display the remaining oil life as a percentage. Maintenance is needed shortly because the oil has reached 15% life. When the oil life gauge reaches 5%, it’s time to get it changed. At 0% oil life, maintenance was overdue.

What is the code A127 on a Honda Pilot?

I got a maintenance code warning today: A127. This means I need to change the oil, replace the air cleaner element, replace the dust and pollen filter, check the drive belt, and replace the brake fluid.

What is code A17 on Honda Insight?

Oil change, tire rotation, oil change, Multi-Point Inspection, and brake flush at your local Honda dealership are all included in the A17 price.

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