Honda A14 Service – What to Expect and Cost

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honda a14 service

You know that in order to keep your Honda running at peak performance, it needs regular maintenance. Honda A14 Service is one of the most common error codes. How much does this service cost, and what does this code mean?

When you service your Honda, you can check the Maintenance Minder, a handy piece of technology that displays a code to indicate the specific type of maintenance that you need to perform.

You can find everything you need to know in this article titled “Revamp Your Honda A14 Service for Peak Performance.” Let’s jump right in!

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Honda “A14 Service” Meaning

In simple words, the Honda A14 service code stands for three different maintenance tasks. The A means that you need to change the oil in your car’s engine and replace the oil filter.

The 1 means that your car needs a tire change, and the 4 means that you need to replace the spark plugs, adjust the valves, and replace the timing belt.

What Does the A14 Service Include on a Honda?

Now, let’s look at what each individual code indicates in more detail:

Engine Oil Change(A):

This particular maintenance job needs to be done around every 3750 miles or once every six months. It is one of the most critical duties that has to be maintained, and it is done at the same time as the engine oil is changed.

The oil in the engine is what lubricates all of the moving elements inside of your Honda’s motor. In addition to this, it assists in the removal of heat and decreases friction, both of which contribute to the engine’s ability to run smoothly.

During this preventative maintenance procedure, the mechanic will change the engine oil and then drain and replace the old oil with new oil.

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The Rotation of Tires (1):

Code 1 means that your car needs to have its tires changed. As part of this maintenance job, you will need to move each of your Honda’s tires.

Most of the time, you’ll need to move the front tires to the back and the back tires to the front. You can also switch which side the tires are on. Why is it important to change tires?

Rotating the tires makes sure that all of the treads wear down at the same rate. It also helps the tire last longer and keeps the car’s grip and handling steady.

This service also helps the tires last longer and makes driving safer and more relaxing.

You also save a lot of money that you would normally spend on new tires. Every 7500 miles or once a year, you have to turn your tires.

Spark Plugs Replacement (4)

The 4 in this code tells you that you should do some maintenance chores every 105, 000 miles. You will need to change the spark plugs in your car to keep the engine running well.

When spark plugs get old, they cause the engine to fail and run less well. They also make your car use more gas, which costs you a lot of money.

The second thing that needs to be done here is to fix the valves. This makes sure that the engine valves work as well as they can. Your expert will adjust the valves so that combustion and airflow are at their best.

The job also helps stop problems like too much wear and noise from the valve train. You will also need to change the timing belt on your car.

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This part is important because it helps keep the spinning of the crankshaft and the camshaft in sync. In the end, this makes sure that the piston and valves move exactly.

Overall, replacing the timing belt keeps the engine’s timing accurate and prevents failures that could be very bad.

You now know the meaning of the Honda a14 service code. The code alerts you to extremely essential maintenance tasks your vehicle requires to prolong its life. These replacements will also enhance the vehicle's performance and ensure its dependability.

Honda Maintenance Minder Codes are:

Honda Maintenance Minder Codes are:

Honda A14 Service Checklist

If you intend to do this service on your own, the following checklist can serve as a helpful guide for you to follow.

Checklist ItemDescription
Engine Oil Change(A)Changes engine oil to lubricate the engine and reduce friction.
The Rotation of Tires (1)Reposition each tire for even wear, extended life, and balanced handling.
Spark Plugs Replacement (4)Replace spark plugs for proper ignition, fuel efficiency, and optimized combustion. Includes valve and timing belt adjustments.

How Much Does Honda’s A14 Service Cost?

You need to know how much it will cost to service your Honda a14.

Even though the total cost will rely on things like where you live, what kind of car you have, and the cost of labor, I’ll give you an estimate of how much each maintenance task will cost:

  1. Change the Engine Oil: When you change the engine oil, you should also change the oil filter. These two tasks will cost between $30 and $80. If you use a specialty oil filter and high-end synthetic oil, the price may go up.
  2. Tire rotation is a simple job that many service centers do as part of their normal maintenance. For this service, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $40.
  3. Valve adjustment, spark plug replacement, and timing belt replacement: The cost of this repair will depend on the type of engine your Honda has, the model of the car, and the cost of labor in your area, among other things. It is, however, very expensive, costing between $500 and $1000.

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Note that none of the service duties listed under code 4 should be skipped.  They are unquestionably essential for the longevity of your vehicle.
Most service centers will recommend replacing the water pump, drive belt, timing belt tensioner, and engine coolant when you replace the timing belt.

These are easy maintenance work that should also be done to help stop other problems that could be more serious.

You can get a better idea of how much it will cost to fix your Honda a14 by talking to your Honda Service Center or a qualified technician. They will give you a thorough breakdown of how much you will need to pay for all of the work that needs to be done on your Honda a14.


The A14 code is Honda’s way of reminding drivers of important maintenance jobs they need to do to keep their cars running well and for as long as possible.

Honda owners can keep their cars in good shape if they know the importance of each job, like changing the oil, rotating the tires, and replacing the spark plugs.

Regular maintenance not only makes sure that driving is smooth and safe, but it also makes the car use less gas and costs less to fix.

Honda drivers can keep their cars in good shape and feel safe on the road by servicing their cars at the recommended times and using the reset process.


What does service due A14 mean?

Every place I’ve looked online says that A14 means you need to change the timing belt, but my car has a chain. The guidebook says to change the spark plugs or check the gap between the valves. I changed the spark plugs four months ago, and I can see that there is a problem with the valve spacing.

What does A14 mean on a Honda Civic?

Just googling the A14 code shows that you need to change the oil, rotate the tires, and replace the spark plugs.

What is the code A14 on a car?

The Honda maintenance minder system is a helpful tool that reminds drivers of maintenance jobs that need to be done on their cars. One of the most common display codes is A14, which means that the oil needs to be changed, the tires need to be rotated, and the spark plugs need to be replaced.

How much is a Honda A14 service?

I talked to the dealer and got an estimate of $1145.83 for A14 repair, which includes spark plugs, timing belt, valve adjustment, inspection of water pump, and oil change.

What is the chip issue Honda?

Due to a lack of chips, Honda had to stop making cars in 2021. But by April 2021, all of its plants in North America were back to making things the way they should. Even with these losses, most of Honda’s trucks and SUVs set sales records in the last few months.

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